Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Anime Vector Art

This tutorial will teach you how to make anime cartoons, like the one you might have seen on Pokemon, BeyBlade or DragonBallZ.

Now let us start! We should remember that the face of these cartoons in generall a triangular shape, and also there ears are like a flipped € sign. So take a pen tool make the following shape and choose the Stroke Path option by right clicking. The thickness of the brush should be around 3 to 4 px.

Next, using the pen tool again, just make any shape over the head of the face. You don’t need to care about the shape, as the hair of the character would later on cover it.

Now for the mouth just make a simple curve pointing upwards and Stroke path this too with the brush thickness as 2px.

For the nose, just make a sort of a flipped triangle in gray color and on the right side of it make a rounded rectangle or a lighter shade than the skin.

The eye is the most difficult part of the whole picture. There is never a definite shape to these ayes but, you can use the below picture to trace them out. You can change the color of the eye according to your choice.

The eyebrow is again a curve with brush thickness as 2px.

Repeat the same process again to make the other eye as well-

The hair that you will make with the pen tool should not be like normal hai whatsoever. They should be pointing in different directions. As you would see now that, that now the triange would get covered up-
Choose "Fill Path" on the pen tool and choose somewhat like a blonde towards golden color for the hair-

As you would see that there are some gapes near the ear of the man. Just use the brush tool to adjust such mistakes-

Once you have done this, add the shadows of the hair usings a darker color. Use the pen tool to outline only a part of eack spike and then fill it with a shade of brown-

Add a cool name and you are done-

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Skyline Template

First take a photograph of the skyline of the city whose website you wish to make. In this case I have take Seattle. Try to choose a city that has one prominent building. Like Singapore has the Petronas Tower and Agra has Tag Mahal.

Next using the pen tool make an out line of the skyline of the city and fill it with black color. You can also choose any other color of your wish. After that also add a background color.

Now again using the pen tool make the shapes that are shown below and add it between the city skyline layer and the background layer.

Once you have done that you will get something like this.

Just add the other parts of the website and your website is ready! Here have a look -